A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This game was made for the One Click Jam 16. Made in the course of 48hs from scratch.


Sources can be downloaded from https://bitbucket.org/lucaswall/grupo1_ocj16

Run and jump your way out of your comfort zone avoiding the comfy obstacles that come towards you. If you crash into them you will loose speed and get closer to your comfort zone. If the comfort zone catches up with you, you will loose a life.

Experimental (Android only). Activate the microphone and use your own voice to control the game.

The team:

  • Federico Terpin
  • Guido Ferrari
  • Mariana Carril
  • Lucas Wall
  • Exequiel Rodriguez
  • Francisco "Cob" Nuñez


sillonator-osx-1.0.2.zip 16 MB
sillonator-win32-1.0.2.zip 14 MB
sillonator-linux-1.0.2.zip 17 MB
sillonator-1.0.3.apk 22 MB

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